Lighthouse Defi: What’s In A Defi Platform?

Dev Updates:

UI/UX: Prototype Framework Status

  • Website Framework Completed; our next step is connecting the Front-End to our Back-End architecture.

Back-End: Smart Automated Platform (SAP)

  • The SAP is running and simulating liquidations on a local platform.

Back-End: Smart Contracts

  • Smart Contract frameworks in progress.


  • We’re finalizing the Tokenomics and Litepaper in collaboration with our strategic partners.

Helpful Defi Guide

  • Editing is underway for a future medium release!
  1. Accessibility
A Clean and Uncluttered UI with Additional Guidance Will Make the Defi Experience More Accessible!
Access to Data + Public Discourse + Developer/User Collaboration= An Empowered User!
Integrations Powered By Governance= Flexibility/Adaptibility

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