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Developer Update #2

Lighthouse Defi
3 min readOct 27, 2021

Dev Updates:

UI/UX: Prototype Framework Status

  • Website Framework Completed; our next step is connecting the Front-End to our Back-End architecture.

Back-End: Smart Automated Platform (SAP)

  • The SAP is running and simulating liquidations on a local platform.

Back-End: Smart Contracts

  • Smart Contract frameworks in progress.


  • We’re finalizing the Tokenomics and Litepaper in collaboration with our strategic partners.

Helpful Defi Guide

  • Editing is underway for a future medium release!

What’s in a Defi Platform?

  1. Accessibility

We at Lighthouse Defi believe that Defi platforms often have steep learning curves that overwhelm new users and even entrenched Defi veterans! We’ve often seen that users become confused and disorientated with the variety of Defi tools at their fingertips and look to guidance independently.

At Lighthouse Defi, we will ensure that users can access their funds through an easy-to-use UI with additional guides and total accessibility to live data for users to learn and make decisions.

A Clean and Uncluttered UI with Additional Guidance Will Make the Defi Experience More Accessible!

2. User Empowerment

The Defi space hinges on the fact that users are in complete control of their financial destiny and have the power to help shepherd Defi platforms’ decisions through governance.

Governance, in Defi terms, is a system for managing and implementing changes to any decentralized protocol through proposals and voting. Governance tokens empower users to vote on proposals set forth by developers and debated in an open forum. We believe that governance is a critical cornerstone in any Defi Protocol. As such, Lighthouse Defi will incentivize governance use through novel utilities that benefit users that participate in governance staking and voting.

Another piece of user empowerment is full transparency provided by developers shepherding platform development. But, again, users and the community are first!

Access to Data + Public Discourse + Developer/User Collaboration= An Empowered User!

3. Seamless Integrations/Flexibility

Our Back-End architecture focuses on flexibility in the evolving space of Defi. Flexibility and adaptability play a role in how we build our Defi ecosystem here at Lighthouse. We plan to lead proposals to integrate other excellent Defi protocols in the Terra Ecosystem and beyond (Solana, Cosmos, etc.). These will include liquidations found on other lending protocols as well as some exciting ways to use rewards.

Integrations Powered By Governance= Flexibility/Adaptibility

That’s It For This Week’s Update! Thanks Again For Reading, and See You Next Week!

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