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2 min readNov 12, 2021

Developer Update #4

Dev Updates

1. Front-End

  • UI revisions for ease of use for users.

2. Backend & SAP

  • Code updates for Columbus-5 Liquidation Queue
  • Frameworking for Smart Contracts

3. Miscellaneous

  • Defi guide in-progress
  • Tokenomics revisions
  • *Litepaper under review

Defi Doesn’t Have to Be Complex, Let’s Keep it Simple and Easy

1. Let’s Try to Explain Defi Concepts in Simpler Terms

Too often, users must navigate through a myriad of complex terms explaining concepts that can be defined more concisely. For example, terms such as alpha or annual percentage rate (APR) get thrown around on Defi platforms without a direct explanation about what they exactly are. At Lighthouse Defi, we’ll provide an on-site guide for users to refer to whenever challenging terms or concepts present themselves.

An example of how we intend to breakdown terms/concepts

2. Let’s Focus on Automation to Simplify User Interactions and Experiences

Lighthouse Defi focuses on making the user experience as streamlined as possible and helping to minimize user pain points, such as determining what percentage they should allocate to maximize profit. Our Smart Automated Platform (SAP) eases the user’s decision-making efficiently and profitably.

3. Finally, Let’s Make Navigating Websites Great Again!

Rather than throwing a user into the deep-end and forcing them to navigate a UI blindly, we’ll provide step-by-step guidance on how exactly to navigate our site without having to reference outside sources. In addition, our UI and dashboard will contain an efficient workflow between all our app suites and have real-time analytic data broken down for ease of understanding for users.

That’s it for this Week’s Update! Thanks Again For Reading, and See You Next Week!

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