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Developer Update #5

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3 min readJan 25, 2022

Dev Updates

  1. Closed Alpha

Thank you again to our current participants of our Closed Alpha. The current discussions, feedback, and bug testing have been valuable for the development team.

  • Based on tester feedback, we have added quality of life updates to help simplify the user experience, such as adjustable gas fees!
  • We have upcoming updates as well in development that expands our UI to include user and ecosystem analytics (accessible anytime!).

2. Public Beta

Considering the increased demand for more liquidation bidding platforms, we plan to launch the Public Beta ahead of schedule (this week)!

  • We’ll be prepping our public forum for user input and community engagement in creating an accessible platform for interacting with liquidations and more!
  • Stay tuned for an easy-to-use user guide and learn how to use our platform without speedbumps.
  • We’ll roll out and test updates to get user feedback within our platform during this time.
  • Sticking with our ethos of accessibility, we believe attaching unnecessary fees and other requirements (such as staking) to our UI is inherently against what Web3.0 aims to be. Web3.0 should be decentralized, open, and censorship-free. The freedom of choice is with the user!

3. Future Announcements

  • Stay tuned to our Twitter and Medium page as we roll out more information about what we aim to build for the Terra Ecosystem and beyond!

Our Core Ethos: Accessibility for All

“A platform for you to be incentivized, not monetized.”

At Lighthouse, the users are at the heart of everything. Liquidations and savings are all at your fingertips, with no hidden strings and fees attached. We believe that the user should have the freedom to access 3rd party applications and UI features without any unnecessary attachments.

No Fees to Claim!

Access to our UI simply requires an internet connection and a wallet, no need for a token, no need to worry about unwarranted commissions, and most of all, no censorship.

We feel that the only time a platform truly needs a token is when the use is for the overarching ecosystem’s benefit, such as making governance decisions, offering uniquely built products that increase value throughout, and is necessary for the platform at large to run efficiently.

Gas Optimization!

Decentralized finance promotes a space of freedom of choice, unique opportunities, and access to any platform without censorship. We aim to promote those ethics of Defi by making unique markets as accessible as possible without the need to worry about being gatekept by fees, staking requirements, and selective biases.

That’s It For This Week’s Update! Thanks Again For Reading, and See You Soon!

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Lighthouse Defi

Our mission is to offer a straightforward and intuitive platform where users are incentivized to interact with Defi markets, no strings attached.