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Developer Update #6

Lighthouse Defi
2 min readMar 25, 2022

Dev Updates

  1. What’s New?

We’ve added helpful tools and improvements to streamline the user experience based on user feedback!

  • Additional wallet integrations for xDefi users
  • On-boarding of the sAVAX liquidation queue
  • Prepping for additional bAssets such as bATOM
  • Mirrored assets now available on your dashboard
  • Basic analytics showing all historical liquidations

2. Lighthouse Defi v1.0 soon!

We’re drawing ever closer to our official v1.0 release! With a focus on providing tools for builders and users alike, our Lighthouse Defi v1.0 will provide the community with an exciting way to build new products and participate more efficiently within the liquidation space.

  • Analytics will provide both live data and intuitive statistics at no additional cost.
  • A TBA product for the intrepid builders of the Terra Ecosystem!
  • Exciting updates about our Smart Automated Platform!

3. Future Announcements

  • Stay tuned to our Twitter and Medium page as we roll out more information about what we aim to build for the Terra Ecosystem and beyond!
  • A separate article is in the works explaining some of the new cross-chain implementations from Anchor! Along with that will be a helpful guide in navigating some of the convoluted steps to converting your sAVAX manually to UST!

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