Lighthouse Defi

  1. What’s New?
  • Additional wallet integrations for xDefi users
  • On-boarding of the sAVAX liquidation queue
  • Prepping for additional bAssets such as bATOM
  • Mirrored assets now available on your dashboard
  • Basic analytics showing all historical liquidations
  • Analytics will provide both live data and intuitive statistics at no additional cost.
  • A TBA product for the intrepid builders of the Terra Ecosystem!
  • Exciting updates about our Smart Automated Platform!
  • Stay tuned to our Twitter and Medium page as we roll out more information about what we aim to build for the Terra Ecosystem and beyond!
  • A separate article is in the works explaining some of the new cross-chain implementations from Anchor! Along with that will be a helpful guide in navigating some of the convoluted steps to converting your sAVAX manually to UST!

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